5 Ways to Survive an Unbearable Office Environment

Everybody dreams of a perfect job with the perfect environment. But like any other dream, it cannot come completely true. There are people who are lucky enough to be in a supportive working environment with awesome and friendly coworkers. For the less lucky people, you can encounter toxic coworkers, unclear company directions, unfair treatments, etc.; and here are the 6 ways you can survive an unbearable office environment.

1. Choose the right friends
Bad office environment is usually brought by several people who just want to watch the world burn. Try to avoid this kind of people as they will transfer their bad energy to you and you won’t be able to be productive.

Find a friend who can motivate you to improve or can improve with you. In fact, find someone that can be your confidant, someone you can tell your stories and complaints.

2. Document everything
You can always find a manager or superior that’s a bit hot and cold, they cannot decide what they want and end up changing instructions and denying that they’re changing them.

This is where that filing, documenting and screen shooting skills come in handy. Keep record of every instruction, whether it’s given via email, WhatsApp, Slack or even verbally, because when the bad day comes you will be able to defend yourself. You don’t want to redo your whole presentation, do you?

3. Improve your soft skills
Jumping from one company to another in a short period of time will not be good for your resume, but staying in a toxic office environment is a daily headache. How about improving your soft skills? You can join online course or enroll for an after-hour class.

This way you can prepare yourself for your next job (a better one of course). Better yet, you can start your own company and be free forever and finally become your own boss.

4. Change the way you see it
It is hard to ignore the bad condition of your office, but you can change the way you see it. See everything as a challenge to improve yourself, to become more mature and wiser.

Before reacting to something, take a deep breath and look for the positive side of everything that happens. By switching your perspective, you can be calmer and less tired.

5. Spice up your workspace
One more way to survive in your office is to decorate your workspace. Give it a personal touch and decorate it the way you want it, make it your comfort zone. When everything else seems to be out of place and scattered, at least you can always go into your space and think clearly.

Be a fighter and don’t give in to the bad energy in your office. Remember, resigning is your last option and be as professional as you can to ease your mind when everything is not right.

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