3 Things You Didn’t Know about Customer Service

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Customer service is an important division in a company. But customer service is more than replying to complaints or answering calls, it is how you can deal with people’s emotions and solve their problems in excellent manners.

Being a customer service agent is somewhat different with a mechanic. A mechanic is a science logic, meanwhile a customer service agent is an art. Serving customers is dealing with people’s emotions and what you say can give different impact to different people. So, you have to feel and use your intuition in finding what to say.

Why Should Be an Art?
The most important requirement of being customer service is having good manners. It is important to know that manners have huge impact. Imagine a temperament customer service agent, very little problems can be solved. In fact, a customer service agent must be patient, even when being yelled at. The agents need to show their empathy to the clients. Sharing thoughts or experiences is one of the methods of solving problems and getting closer to the client. Give the client advice or suggestion that relates to the issue.

What Happens to Dedication?
Furthermore, “talk less do more” in delivering a great experience to the customer may be a wonderful point for the company. One of the good examples of it is The Ritz- Carlton Hotel Company. The Ritz-Carlton gave back a customer’s laptop charger after the customer forgot and left it in the room. Just before sending an email to the hotel, the customer received a package from the hotel. It was the laptop charger. This story is the real example of service excellence and dedication.

Does a Customer Service Agent Need to Say “thank you”?
No matter how angry or annoying a customer is, customer service agents must always say thank you at the beginning and the end of the conversation. Complaints, comments or suggestions means a lot for the company’s improvements, because customers are natural marketing and operational officers for a company.

The quality of a company depends on its service quality given by all the employees and you’ll be surprised by what good customer service can bring.

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